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The Suburbs
Cookie-cutter houses
and magazine spouses
Lawyers, doctors, and dads from sitcoms
Married to synthetic stay-at-home moms
Cheerleading daughters,
brides to weekend yachters
These brothers and sisters
amount only to hushed whispers
The secret flings
lead to diamond rings
Freckles and pigtails
Become mascara and fake nails
A lost tooth and scraped knee
Become a girlfriend and inhaled  THC
The walls will fall;
Leave nothing at all
So let's rewrite these pages
And step off the suburban stages
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Mature content
The Cards Have Been Dealt :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 1
My Land of Make Believe
I sold my soul
And as numbness consumes me
I dream
And I'm alone
As numbness consumes me
Tears make rivers
And I'm alone
Standing in the mess you made
Tears make rivers
In this morbid lullaby
Standing in the mess you made,
Picking up the pieces
In this morbid is lullaby
I'm dragged kicking and screaming.
Picking up the pieces;
Drifting away
I'm dragged kicking and screaming
In a world of sickness
Drifting away
Into my land of make-believe
In a world of sickness
I fall
Into my land of make-believe
Where I'll be safe
:iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 1
Empty Shells
I will never be as good as you,
That I know.
But you will sit here reading this,
Telling me its good,
Like a teacher reassures her students,
While on the inside you'll be hating it,
killing it,
swallowing it,
and regurgitating it
Into something "better"
I was proud of my work
Until I met you.
You've taken what's dear to me,
And murdered it,
Like an assassin in the dark.
You've left me in a shell,
You've made me turn against myself,
Hating myself and picking myself apart.
Well I'm done
And now it's time I break free.
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The Dark Side of the Moon by maybemyranda The Dark Side of the Moon :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 0 Broken Record II by maybemyranda Broken Record II :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 0 Doppelganger by maybemyranda Doppelganger :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 1 0 Starry Soul by maybemyranda Starry Soul :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 0 Broken Record by maybemyranda Broken Record :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 1 0 In the Eye of the Beholder by maybemyranda In the Eye of the Beholder :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 0 The Falls by maybemyranda The Falls :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 0 Mountain Tears by maybemyranda Mountain Tears :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 3 0 The Palace by maybemyranda The Palace :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 0 1
The Arms of Death
The arms of death hug me,
Growing ever tighter and tighter.
Sometimes they lose their grip and drift away,
But soon, they find their way back to me.
They love me,
And they will never let go.
They close in tighter and tighter,
Keeping their rhythm with the symphony of the end,
And fusing with my skin.
Soon, I will embrace back,
Falling into an eternal sleep,
All with being held by tue arms of my love.
My lovely death.
:iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 1 3
I watch you,
Covered in tears of red.
The pain of watching you cripples me.
I'm stunned-
You reach for me,
You miss,
And fall.
I cry in agony as emotion rips my heart from my body.
I see the answer.
No hesitation.
I fall to you,
And in darkness,
I find you
:iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 2 1
Mature content
Internal wars :iconmaybemyranda:maybemyranda 2 3


album cover: no pulse by Aki-Lesete album cover: no pulse :iconaki-lesete:Aki-Lesete 1 8
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All Ends
If you cut you'll bleed
If you bleed you'll die
If you're sad you'll smile
And if you smile it's a lie
If you lie you'll live
If you live you'll die
If you cheat you'll win
And if you win you'll cry
If you cry you'll lose
If you lose you'll die
If you run you'll stay
And if you stay you'll fly
If you fly you'll fall
If you fall you'll die
'Cause no-one will catch you
If your life is a lie.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 1,380 534
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Myranda Noel
United States


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Aki-Lesete Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
maybemyranda Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
REspond to me or in showing up at your house! O_O
Aki-Lesete Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
KatherinePierce1864 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Hi M. Have u seen light by Aki-Lesete?
Aki-Lesete Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Aki-Lesete Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
why did you want me to call you?
IKingFisher Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012

I see that you added one of my stories to your favourite and I wanted to come by and say hello (:

I always enjoy meeting new people so feel free to message me
maybemyranda Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Wow its really cool that you take the time to write this...a "thank you" is nice but really impersonal :)
IKingFisher Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
haha, don't get me started on the way the social medium of the internet has ended up harming our ability to communicate.

Honestly, it should do so much to improve how we see each other and the world. We are the first generation to be able to communicate across any boarder and meet people anywhere in the world, yet we already take it for granted.

The internet can cause literal revolutions around the world to people who first receive it, but to those of us who grew up in a technological age we see it as nothing more then a mere extension of what we already own.

We use, but do not understand, the single most powerful tool ever invented by humanity.

All the knowledge, the art, the history, every person, every place and every thing is now at our finger why do we fail to see this world changing tool for what it is? a chance to grow, not as people, but as a society.

So instead we swear at and troll each other, we fill comments with nothing and have no interest in meeting other people when given the chance.

...I guess I ended up getting started on this topic after all
maybemyranda Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Haha wow...i feel the same way... I mean I didn't have internet up until like two months ago, and I think personally that out society is COMPLETELY technology-reliant. I mean most people would say they have "nothing to do" if their internet went out or if their computer broke or something...its ridiculous how's much society is DE-evolving. We're given these amazing, news-breaking things, and no one realizes it. I think the things you van odo with modern technology is amazing, but instead people misuse it and completely take advantage of it.
In fact, once I had an assignment for school where we had to look up answers on the internet, and me- not having internet- asked if I could use an encyclopedia, and me teacher said "Those things are useless, they don't tell you anything." I mean if people can't even allow you to use substitutes for technology, that education will go down the drain...soon, instead of answering questions, they'll just say "Google it!"....ok so maybe that's ab over exaggeration, but I still feel that society has become 99.9% technology-reliant. any case, I've ranted for long enough now :)
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